The Thato Rossouw Testament

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I have been going to Church for the past two weeks and even though I have been a Christian before it is amazing at how ignorant some Christians are. I had always wondered why my enlightened Brothers and Sisters always mocked me for being a Christian but now that I am watching this whole thing from what some of my friends would call “a helicopter point of view” the things I have seen in the past two weeks have left me lost for words.

Before I begin let me make one point clear, this is not a personal attack on Christianity but it’s just me expressing my views about it and I am not posting this to offend anyone. Now that the ass kissing is finished let me get to it.

I have always considered myself lucky because I grew up in a “Democratic” South Africa and because of the struggles of those in the past I don’t have to call anyone Bass or Madam. Because I grew up in a time where knowledge is in abundance and easily attainable, I never accept it when anyone tries oppress me by keeping things I should know from me. I raise this because looking back I release that had I not found a way to escape I would still be in the darkness that is brought by the religion that is Christianity, which is ironic because they claim to bring the light.

Before you get all hot and feverish with me let me explain what I mean when I say darkness:

One of the key aspects of Christianity is Faith. For those who don’t know according to the Bible, Hebrews 11:1, faith is “the assurance of things not seen” which is a very powerful thing if used in the right context but we should never be forced to believe in things that just don’t make sense to us in the name of faith. We are told through the Bible that in the beginning God made two people Adam and Eve who in turn had children Cain, Abel and Seth and Cain got married. My question is who did Cain marry and if Cain married his sister, like a lot of Christian scholars believe because Adam and Eve had other children, did God allow incest then and decided later to make it a sin?

The Bible for me is filled with contradicting stories and any religion that expect me to accept thing that don’t make sense to me in the name of faith is a religion that promotes slavery of the mind and therefore a religion I certainly don’t need.

Another thing I have a serious problem with when it comes to Christianity is the constant need to bow down and call “Master” a God that has been given the face of a “White man”. Of all the religions I have personally come across, and it’s not a lot, Christianity is the only one that has managed to give its God a face. Please don’t confuse my use of the phrase God and think I’m talking about the Messiah or Teacher of the message of the particular religion in question. Jesus, just like Buddha, was a man who walked the earth teaching the ways of Christianity and therefore is supposed to have a face but truth be told I have never seen a depiction of Allah but I have seen a picture depicting God as an old White man with a beard.

There is another thing that really bugs me when it comes to Christianity and I don’t know why people do it. There is a regular occurrence of people referring to themselves as sheep and White Jesus as their Sheppard. What to me this represents is a systematic way of making African people believe that without the White man, who in this case is White Jesus, they would be lost and it is working quite well because till today I have never met an African Child who believes that Jesus could ever be a “Black” man.

Christianity is one of the best tools developed by the Europeans to control the lives of people and it is because of Christianity that African people believe that African traditions and customs are barbaric and you will always find the African child trying to be like the “White” man with their fake hair and fake accents.

Darkness does not come from not knowing anything, because a person with no knowledge can still be taught, but darkness comes from believing that you are in the light while all that you are is a poor soul in the dark looking at the light.


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